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1. How much will it cost? Costs will vary depending on your examinations findings. Every patient is different and Dr. Michael Komro will determine your course of care based on a through review of your findings.

2. Do I need to stop taking medications?

Dr. Michael Komro D.C. will not tell to stop taking your medications. As your symptoms   improve Dr. Komro will advise you to return to your medical doctor to adjust your    medications.

3.Does proper sleep play in role in weight loss?

 Absolutly.Without proper sleep your adrenal glands produce excess cortisol to keep you awake during the day. Symtpoms include:

a. Inability to fall asleep

b. Waking often

c. Fatigue throughout the day esp. between 2 and 6 pm

4. If my thyroid was not functioning properly what symptoms would I have?

 Hypothryoid symtoms include:

  1. Gains weight easily
  2. Constant Fatigue
  3. Cold hands and/or feet
  4. Require excessive amounts of sleep to function
  5. Have difficult or infrequent bowel movements
  6. Depression and/or anxiety
  7. Morning headaches
  8. Thinning hair or excessive hair loss
  9. Dryness of the skin and/or scalp
  10. Mental sluggishness or brain fog
  11. Very Low motivation

5. Can I use my Health Insurance?

If your current health includes pain, then your Insurance many be used.

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