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Whats makes this weight loss program
different than all the others?

This Weight loss program is designed to address the 4 major reasons the lead to 87% of all the chronic diseases in the US.




-Low excercise

America is addicted to fast food, sugar and processed grains. In the entire history of mankind, us humans have not been this malnutrished and this toxic. Because of this proper digestion and detoxification does not occur and therefore many cannot properly control weight and food cravings.

Whens our bodies cannot take all the Physical, chemical and lifestyle stressors any longer, hormones become out of balance and fat is stored in different areas of our bodies. This table shows the regional fat distribution in humans is clearly regulated by hormones.

Hormone Increased area of Fat
 Cortisol  Umbilical
 Insulin  Suprailliac, Subscapular
 Estrogen  Quadraceps,hamstrings
 Testosterone  Pectoral, Calf

 Growth Hormone

 Thyroid  Mid-Axillary

 This Weight loss program was designed by Dr. Komro who is a Doctor of Chiropractic. Chiropractors are experts of the Nervous System. If the Nervous Controls everything, then focusing on the Nervous system will yield the greatest benefit. 


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