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Our Weight loss Program

Dr. Michael Komro D.C. address's all physical, chemical and lifestyle stressors that increase fat production. There are many causes to weight gain and no stone will be left unturned to address the cause of your weight gain.

This program is designed to support you from the inside out. The key is if you can see something wrong on the outside, YOU KNOW something is wrong on the inside.

There are 10 major reasons your body holds to excessive weight. In some indivduals the key to weight loss can be more than one of the below reasons.

They include:

a. Excessive Stress=Stress has many harmful effects on our bodies but a major one is it thins the barrier in our guts, brains and lungs. This weakens our immune system which puts the whole body under a state of fight or flight. Too much stress creates too much cortisol production which deposits fat above and below the belley button.

b. Toxins= On average we have over 700 different toxins in our bodies at one time. Toxins come from many different sources. A main source is from the food we eat. Around the 1950's food on food shelves was replaced by processed food. This makes sense that according and Oct. issue of PMID the life extencty of U.S. woman in 1950 was 5th in the world but by 2010 the life exectancy fell to 46th on the world.

c. Insulin resistence- also known as Metabolic syndrome. The chronic release of insulin to push glucose into cells eventually becomes less effective.The cells become resistence to insulin and glucose remains high in the blood stream. Symtoms include:

-Difficulty loosing weight

-Craving for sweets that does not change after eating them

-Waist girth larger than hip girth

-Pains that seem to move around the body

-Frequent Urination

d.Inflammation= When our bodies are in a increased state of inflammation, pain goes up and an increase in cortisol production occurs.

e.Antibiotics-High use of Antibiotics especially as a child, are very harmful to our Gastrointestinal system. This is where 80% of our Immune system is . When our Immune response is over reactive we are in a constant state cortisol production.

f.Thyroid Disorders- More than 27 million Americans suffer from thryoid disorders and half of them are undiagnosed. The Thyroid controls metabolism. When the Thyroid starts to malfunction, weight gain follows.

G.Infection- Infections, even low grade viruses parasites, and pathogens will have a Immune reaction and a stress response. The stress response will trigger your body to hold to weight. A very common infection is called Candida Albicans. Candida is a yeast that is normally found in all of us but in low numbers. When the Candida numbers rise to high, due to too many Antibiotics, high sugar diets,and birth control pills, many symptoms can occur. These include:

-yeast vaginitis

-Joint pain and stiffness

-Food cravings




-Chronic Heartburn

H. Food Reactions-When a person eats a food that becomes a allergy or intolerance an Immune reaction will occur. The Immune reaction will cause blood sugar instability and weight gain. From Dr. Komros clinical experience this process can occur for up to 3 days every time a food is eaten that causes an intolerance or allergy.

I. Hormone inbalance. These include estrogen, progesterone, and testoterone. Excess estrogen can have many harmful effects on the body. Excess estrogen can decrease Thyroid function. Optimal Thryoid function is required for a high metabolism. Another problem with excess estrogen is polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS symptoms include fatigue after meals, inability to loose weight, the loss of hair and sugar cravings. Low progesterone can manifests itself the inabilty to loose weight, head aches, heavy menstrual period and depression.

j. Heavy Metels- Heavy metels such as lead, mercury and copper can cause a liver to become very sluggish. Part of the livers primary responsiblity is to detoxify hormones by turning them from fat soluble hormones to water soluble hormones. If the liver is impaired by heavy metals, hormones remain in a fat soluble form and they get stored in fat cells.


 If you think you may have one or more of the conditions above

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