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Oct 26, 2017

What are Functional Movement Screens (FMS)?

Functional Movement Screens (FMS) provided by Minneapolis Weight Loss Doc are comprehensive assessments used to evaluate an individual's movement patterns. FMS aims to identify any limitations, asymmetries, or dysfunctions that may affect performance, increase the risk of injury, or hinder physical development.

Why are Functional Movement Screens important?

Functional Movement Screens play a crucial role in optimizing health and fitness. By conducting a thorough evaluation of your movement patterns, our team can identify any underlying issues or weaknesses that may limit your ability to perform certain activities or exercises. Addressing these limitations early on can significantly improve your overall performance and reduce the risk of future injuries.

How do Functional Movement Screens work?

During a Functional Movement Screen, our experts will conduct a series of tests and assessments to evaluate your mobility, stability, and movement patterns. These tests are designed to identify any imbalances, compensations, or dysfunctions that may be present in your body.

The Functional Movement Screen Process:

1. Initial Evaluation

The screening process begins with an initial evaluation where our team gathers relevant information about your medical history, current fitness level, and any specific goals you may have. This information helps us tailor the assessment to your individual needs.

2. Movement Assessments

Next, various movement assessments are conducted to evaluate your flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and overall movement quality. These assessments may include exercises such as squats, lunges, shoulder mobility tests, core stability evaluations, and more.

3. Analysis and Interpretation

After completing the assessments, our experts analyze the data collected to identify any limitations, compensations, or imbalances that may be present. This analysis provides valuable insights into your movement patterns and areas that require improvement.

4. Personalized Recommendations

Based on the findings from the Functional Movement Screen, our team will develop a personalized plan tailored to address your specific needs. This comprehensive plan may include corrective exercises, mobility drills, strength training, or other targeted interventions to improve your movement quality and overall fitness.

The Benefits of Functional Movement Screens (FMS)

1. Injury Prevention

Achieving optimal movement patterns through FMS can help prevent injuries by identifying and correcting any imbalances or dysfunctions that may increase the risk of physical trauma during daily activities, sports, or exercise.

2. Enhanced Performance

By addressing limitations and imbalances discovered during the Functional Movement Screen, our experts can design personalized programs that improve your overall performance. Enhanced movement quality and functional fitness can lead to better results in sports, fitness activities, and everyday life.

3. Individualized Approach

Each Functional Movement Screen is tailored to your specific needs, allowing our team to provide personalized recommendations. The individualized approach helps you target your unique areas of concern and enables faster and more efficient progress.

4. Comprehensive Assessment

The Functional Movement Screen provides a comprehensive analysis of your movement patterns, covering various aspects such as mobility, stability, and strength. This holistic approach ensures that all potential areas for improvement are addressed, promoting overall health and fitness.

Contact Minneapolis Weight Loss Doc for Your Functional Movement Screen

If you're looking to optimize your health, improve your performance, and prevent injuries, Minneapolis Weight Loss Doc is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in conducting Functional Movement Screens (FMS) to assess your movement patterns and design personalized plans for your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule your FMS assessment and take the first step towards a healthier life.

Note: It's important to consult with a healthcare professional or qualified specialist before starting any new exercise or fitness program.

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